Two-Face’s Who’s Who profile, complete with his rare stats sheet from the DC Heroes Role-Playing Game Supplement. Scans by me.

Maybe some of you (especially those involved with RP and fanfic writers) might find this interesting. This is the official, authorized, complete profile of Harvey Dent, at least circa 1993. For convenience’s sake, here’s what Harvey’s specific stats mean, including characters to whom he is comparable.

Dexterity (Dex) 5-6: The person possesses agility equivalent to individuals who are well honed in athletic prowess as gymnasts, stunt men, and circus aerialists. Animal Man, Cyborg.

Strength (Str) 3-4: A person with exceptional human strength, equivalent to that of professional weight lifters. Lifting Range: 400-800 pounds. Anthro the Cave Boy, Jonah Hex, Amanda Waller, Wildcat

Body 3-4: Body conditioned to withstand moderate damage without great pain. The individual can weather many blunt attacks, as a prizefighter or a martial artist. Amanda Waller, John Constantine, Huntress, Captain Boomerang.

Intelligence (Int) 7-8: The person’s intellectual capacity rivals a professional who is one of ten authorities in a field of study or a born genius. Aquaman, Nightwing, Scarecrow.

Will 9-10: The individual possesses enough willpower to override self-preservation and enter an obviously unsurvivable battle. Lady Quark, Sergeant Rock, The Warlord, Enemy Ace.

Mind 5-6: The person’s mind is equipped to deal with great stress as a part of daily life. Undercover agents, leaders of nations, and most heroes fit this category. Deadman, Green Arrow, Fire, Vixen.

Influence 7-8: The personality is so unique as to be highly regarded by several people people across a nation or a state. Viking Prince, Queen Hippolyta, Green Arrow, Blackfire.

Aura 5-6: This person has a presence strong enough to change the emotional status of an auditorium-sized crowd of people from dead calm to electrified frenzy. Queen Hippolyta, Aquaman, Big Barda, Mister Miracle.

Spirit 7-8: The individual is capable of enduring several major crises without loss of resolve. John Constantine, Deadman.